64bit! But which one?

Brian W Burch linux at itunlimitedinc.com
Tue Oct 25 04:25:54 PDT 2005

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Morning Alan......

I am also getting ready to build a linux x64 box on my soon to be ex
Microsoft server box. Please don't be shy with the details.

Also this morning in BLFS-support, a "contributor" (I use the term loosely)
was lambasted for perfectly legitimate reasons. 

The question is "how does one help others and create goodwill in this
community when one knows very little of value to others" In my case I am
learning tons, but have very little to offer to others. This is meant as a
serious question.

In another non-related group I am involved with I do "service work". Is
there any service work I can volunteer for with my limited knowledge? Things
nobody else wants to do.

I have found that willingness to do the next thing in front of me has
greatly enhanced this "long, strange trip"


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