64bit! But which one?

Alan Lord alan.lord at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Oct 25 00:46:53 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I lurk on a few LFS newsgroups and have been reading the various x64
build method discussions. I didn't think that this query belonged on LFS

My current LFS system resides an a relatively old P4 2.4Ghz socket 478
with 256M of RAMBUS (ARRRRGGGGHHH) ram :-(

I also have another machine: A self built AMD 64 3200+ with a Gig of
dual channel RAM :-) and a big SATA hard disk. This one just has M$oft
on it currently.

I would very much like to try and move from M$ completely by building a
new LFS on my AMD box. It would need to run Open Office 2.0 (+ Java
1.5), PHP, MySQL, Apache, Samba, X etc... (there is plenty of room for
me to set up a few new partitions for Linux)

I am keen to try and build a 64bit version of LFS to run on this

1. What type of LFS should I build? Pure 64bit in /lib only, /lib32 &
/lib64 or something else?
2. Is there a dual boot bootloader that can boot a 64bit Linux and
WinXP? I will need to keep M$ on here for a while.
3. I am assuming I will need the 64bit liveCD (or a gentoo type distro)
as my starting point or should I "cross build" on my P4 and then copy
(how?) over to the AMD box?

If anyone has similar experience or knowledge I'd appreciate it. I'm
sure there must be other people pondering the same questions?


LFS ID: 216

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