Digital Photography under Linux

John Gay johngay at
Wed Oct 19 03:10:59 PDT 2005

>Advice sought on this topic.
>I use:
>gphoto2 - to get files off the camera.
>jhead/libexif - to rename jpeg images with the date/time taken.
>imagemagick - to rotate/scale/reformat etc. the images.
>gimp - to edit the images.

You might want to check out CinePaint. It's based on Gimp, but developed by
professional film studios to give that extra colour depth provided by the
raw images.

>gqview - to view images and present slideshows on screen.
>Since my camera is a Canon, I also use libdcraw to manipulate RAW image
>files.  This gives better results, more control, a whole lot more
>trouble - it's the digital equivalent of having a color darkroom in the
>basement instead of taking the film to the drugstore.
>Anyone else into this?   What do others use?
>I'm trying to get a comprehensive hint together - we might even get a
>chapter in BLFS out of it.

That would be very interesting. Can't wait to see what comes of it.


	John Gay

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