Opteron system coming soon!

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Tue Oct 18 03:04:45 PDT 2005

Well, I've been threatening it long enough (-;

I've got half of my new system here and should be picking up the rest this

I've got a Tyan tiger K8W dual Opteron board, a pair of 248 opterons, a
Winfast A400LE TDH, GeFORCE6800LE based graphics card and a case that barely
fits under my desk!

I'll be picking up 2G of registered memory this week, if it comes in and the
power supply and then I can finally build and boot this baby!

To try to simplify the biuld process, I've got Ubunto Version 5.04 for AMD64
in both Live and install formats. So I was hoping to boot with the live CD,
and then build LFS directly in 64bit format, except grub, which still only
works in 32bit, then boot the new 64bit system and build the rest of my
desktop, including KDE, POV-Ray, Xorg and install nVidia's 64bit drivers.

Building from a 64bit LiveCD should simplify things considerably, but I'll
still need to watch where the libs go. I'm hoping to put the 64bit libs in
/lib and any 32bit ones I need into /lib32, but I understand that might be a
bit tricky, so I'll definitely be back here asking questions, or, more
correctly the LFS and BLFS support lists as appropriate.

Can't imagine what the wife will say when I ask for €2099.00 for Maya7 (-;


	John Gay

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