Binary Packages.

Richard A Downing richard at
Wed Oct 12 01:24:17 PDT 2005

David Lyne wrote:

> Is there an LFS policy for this situation?

Yes:  "Your distro, your rules."

You built it, what you do with it is your business.  You might even get
some help here or on blfs-support.

The usual problem with Binary installs is a need for an old library that
we don't build.  You either find out how to build it, or get a binary
from someone.  If you need, (the usual suspect) then
install and build it with gcc-3.3.6 as in BLFS.

Sometimes it's best to get a static built version, if it's available.

The other thing to consider is that you might need rpm or rpm2cpio to
get the files out of a .rpm file.


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