How do you name your computers?

Jaqui Greenlees jaqui_greenlees at
Fri Oct 7 23:45:43 PDT 2005

--- DJ Lucas <dj at> wrote:

> Mike Hernandez wrote:
> > Just wondering what people name their computers
> > these days.
> > Mike
> Geez.  I trail far behind the crowd in creativity. 
> I currently have in
> my home, server1 (LFS LDAP testing box right
> now..soon to host freenx),
> server2 (Win2k3), name1
> (LFS-6.1/LFS-gcc4/LFS-with-MPPE dev box), name2
> (LFS 6), name3 (LFS from sometime before 6), name13
> (WinXPHome), and
> name14 (WinXP Pro) here.
> My live servers have a little more flavor, but each
> name has
> signifigance to only me (based on the time that they
> were built) with no
> pattern.  FYI they are pinski, liveage, and eureka.
> DJ

I'm glad so see I'm not the only one naming for usage.
though I also add case config to the name.
FSTower-dev, DTdev, RMserver, Tserver...
where FS = Full Size ( 24" )
DT= desktop
RM= rackmount.


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