How do you name your computers?

DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Oct 7 23:26:13 PDT 2005

Mike Hernandez wrote:
> Just wondering what people name their computers these days. I've been
> working with Greek Goddess names, which seems to be pretty popular. I
> have Mnemosyne - my home desktop/server, Dementia - my zaurus sl-c3000
> pda, and Artemis - my 15" powerbook. I had a little firewall named
> Echo, but she died and I'm looking to replace her soon.
> I know someone that uses Pokemon characters for his names. Pokemon
> sucks though ;) haha
> Well this is -chat so let's chat!
> Mike

Geez.  I trail far behind the crowd in creativity.  I currently have in
my home, server1 (LFS LDAP testing box right now..soon to host freenx),
server2 (Win2k3), name1 (LFS-6.1/LFS-gcc4/LFS-with-MPPE dev box), name2
(LFS 6), name3 (LFS from sometime before 6), name13 (WinXPHome), and
name14 (WinXP Pro) here.

My live servers have a little more flavor, but each name has
signifigance to only me (based on the time that they were built) with no
pattern.  FYI they are pinski, liveage, and eureka.

Most of my SBS customers share in my uneventful naming scheme - ServerN,
WS-NN, and LAP-NN.  Occasionally I get a wild hare and go with
$DOMIANNAME-NN. ;-)  One of my customers uses the local city's sports
teams for their servers...needless to say I had no control over the
naming scheme there.

-- DJ Lucas

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