How do you name your computers?

Andy Bennett andyjpb at
Fri Oct 7 15:43:19 PDT 2005


Well, at the TV studio we call our machines after defunct soaps. Lately 
we've been using any old TV program we fancy. So, we have:
crossroads, eldorado, dallas, dynasty, brookside, bergerac, norton 
(after Graham Norton), steptoe and columbo.
The edit suites are named after ex technical managers and are called 
boglin and crotaz.

At home I name boxes that I built after places in Sussex, for historical 
reasons. Any box that I get given gets to keep its name (except where 
it's  generic such as "Octane" or whatever). So, we have:
patience, telscombe, broadlands, peacehaven, westpier, palacepier, dart, 
stirling, firecrest, chickadee, barcombe, gsunc (might need another name 
that's not so generic. - It was one of three suns called gsuna, gsunb 
and gsunc, then again, I quite like it.)

A guy I know has a policy of naming his computers after things that are 
harder to spell and remember than the IP address. It's going to get 
interesting if he ever goes with IPv6.

I have also seen machines named after London Underground stations and 


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