Hello World !

bish at touchtelindia.net bish at touchtelindia.net
Fri Oct 7 12:25:49 PDT 2005

Hi Folks,

This is  my first post  on the  list ... having  installed the
first ever LSF system  just about 2-3 weeks ago. I  am not new
to Linux though ...

Must thank all  the folks who got this  great project started.
It  has been  a wonderful  experince seeing  my box  gradually
metamorphose to  the state  it presently  is in.  I have  most
things working now, but still have miles to go ...

Just to mention a few things that came my way:

a) Absence of 'which' ... I did  the  RTFM  much  later when I
   reached the stage of BLFS. I tided over the  initial crisis
   with this one liner :

   # Save as: /usr/bin/which
   type -p $1

   Well, I installed GNU which, at the earliest avail ...
b) I got stuck with  'mktemp' (http://mktemp.org/)  for a  few
   odd-ball things here and there ... another hack called for!

Since  the system  is still  nascent  with much  functionality
missing, I suppose the lobby for inclusion of these to LFS was
probably justified.  There maybe reasons,  which I  am unaware
of, as to why  these were not included in the  LFS. Frankly, I
need to go and delve through the list archives (some time).

Barring these  two minor hiccups, I  must be running  the best
system I have used, ever ! Thank you guys ...

It is  a pleasant change to  open my mailbox (after  joining a
new mailing  list) and  finding a  'what-do-you-call-your-box'
contest on ;-)  ... My boxes at home  are 'aedes', 'anopheles'
and 'culex'  (these are mosquito  strains that keep  you awake
half the night here in India !) ... its past midnight out here
as I post this ... yeah, you got it now !



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