How do you name your computers?

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Fri Oct 7 10:01:33 PDT 2005

Joshua wrote:

>first, i must say ... GREAT taste in reading material ...

Thanks. I've read everyone and still love them.

My next machine will probably be called Moist: after the latest great 
character Moist Von Lipwig.

>My family traditionally uses names based on who uses them most and
>what processor they run ... mine are simply poison1, poison2, poison3,
>etc. ... that way at a LAN if i say grab a file off my box, they can
>figure out which one themselves (windows sticks around sometimes for

Unfortunately most of the PCs in our house are Windows (but they don't 
Realise mine aren't!) with Samba where needed.

I'm just about to start getting my 5 year old son exposed to Linux. He 
already has a good grasp of "WIMP" and finds the Cbeebies website with 



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