The Straw that Broke......

Jason Gurtz jason at
Fri Oct 7 07:22:08 PDT 2005

On 10/7/2005 08:37, Richard A Downing wrote:

> drivers are almost always available -

...for most things.  It can sometimes be difficult to get "windows only"
hardware (I'm thinking cheap printers and some wireless cards) to work.
 Also, the 3d performance of graphics drivers tend to lag behind windows
if you're into gaming at all.  Due to useless or no documentation, a
great deal of drivers for various things came about through reverse
engineering.  As a result, features and functionality can be missing.
For most things the situation is reasonably good, yet it's not a bed of

> a key fact, often forgotten, is
> that Linux drives the hardware directly and not through the BIOS.

Any NT based winhose does the same, as does OS X.  Those DOS based gui
things are finally almost all gone except for a few curious die hards
clinging to their fatal exception 0E as well as the usual businesses
trapped to a platform by non-responsive, proprietary, closed source vendors.

We can no longer say that our competitor does not offer true memory
protection, real file level security, and efficient use of hardware.
The landscape has changed and quite a few years ago.  I think the most
convincing thing in favor of Linux, in general, is its ease of
customization, very nearly defined by this project, and freedom from



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