The Straw that Broke......

silverspurg at silverspurg at
Fri Oct 7 07:37:36 PDT 2005

On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, Brian W Burch wrote:

> Discussion Topics:
> 1) Quality of x64 Linux, REHL 4 in particular ('cuz its what I got)

Extremely high.  Requires more personal maintenance and attention.

> 2) Intel support of open source (all necessary drivers seem to be on the
> website)

The last thing I had problems with was Centrinoo chipsets and wifi.  It's 
available through a project now.

> 4) PDF file format, is there an open source equivalent. Acrobat is one of my
> high priced items for replacement

I still use Acrobat5 because it still works and it's half the size of 
Acrobat6.  gpdf from Gnome is pretty nice, too.

> 7) Last but not least, Vim or emacs. Since LFS 6.1 used Vim, I have become
> basically proficient. Why does LFS install Vim.

Emacs is the holiest of all tools but I've heard that vim can be smaller 
and easier to use.  I am tentative to give vim a chance, lest it steal my 
favor from emacs.


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