The Straw that Broke......

Richard A Downing richard at
Fri Oct 7 05:37:37 PDT 2005

Brian W Burch wrote:
> Howdy all


> Discussion Topics:
> 1) Quality of x64 Linux, REHL 4 in particular ('cuz its what I got)
dunno on this one - others will reply.  Probably OK.

> 2) Intel support of open source (all necessary drivers seem to be on the
> website)
drivers are almost always available - a key fact, often forgotten, is
that Linux drives the hardware directly and not through the BIOS.

> 3) Am I making the right decision (knowing smile)
your only problem is that you have left it so long :-)  You will be
kicking yourself for years.

> 4) PDF file format, is there an open source equivalent. Acrobat is one of my
> high priced items for replacement
readers - several: xpdf is good, and Adobe provide free Linux version too.
writers: OpenOffice, for instance, can write pdf files easily (and
read/write Word docos).  In fact OpenOffice for Windows is a good way to
write PDFs on Windows (and it's free).

PDF is no problem at all.

> 5) Of course Microsoft, trying to keep fact and time worthy discussion ahead
> of gut emotion.
I was a senior officer of an international IT company before I retired.
 I saw Microsoft up close.  I didn't use a Microsoft product from the
day I retired.  Nothing wrong with Microsoft that the US DOJ didn't try
to fix - and failed.

> 6) At 46, for many years I was part of the "Corporate World" making a lot of
> money, but spiritually bankrupt. Through a certain course of events, my
> spirit has awakened to certain truths. It would seem man's egoic mind and
> greed is going to be the end of us all. But its never too late. Anybody is a
> similar state.
See above.  I sympathise.  You can't get rid of your bad karma, but you
can stop accumulating it.  (p.s. get rid of the gas-guzling SUV too -
and save the planet)

> 7) Last but not least, Vim or emacs. Since LFS 6.1 used Vim, I have become
> basically proficient. Why does LFS install Vim.
Bluefish.  VIM is fine for the command line.

> Any input to help me on my journey is always appreciated. 
You need to look at BLFS for ideas.  And then for other
applications.  I have not found anything yet that I can't do without MS.
 Even corresponding with poor smucks who's idiot bosses like paying
through the nose for software is OK.


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