The Straw that Broke......

Brian W Burch bburch at
Fri Oct 7 05:04:52 PDT 2005

Howdy all

This morning while updating "Microsoft Money" (personal finance program) I
noticed an advertisement for "Datek" on the bottom right...I was
flabbergasted. I closed and reopened, and had a "Platinum Visa" ad in its
place. Somehow, software I have paid money for is freshening itself from the
internet, and is mocking me as I tap, tap, tap my entries. I have been in
the learning curve mode with open source and have a machine dedicated to
REHL 4 and my continuing LFS 6.1 build. My primary machine is "bigboy" an
all Intel box with a xeon processor, with 4 sata drives in a raid 5 array,
currently*** running Win XP Pro x64 (not for much longer) 

New Goals:
1) Make the final split from Microsoft 
2) Install REHL 4 on "bigboy" with the same raid array and x64 OS
3) Sell or trash is I must all MS compatible software (I have spent a lot of
money on it)
4) Start using GnuCash and other open source applications

Discussion Topics:
1) Quality of x64 Linux, REHL 4 in particular ('cuz its what I got)
2) Intel support of open source (all necessary drivers seem to be on the
3) Am I making the right decision (knowing smile)
4) PDF file format, is there an open source equivalent. Acrobat is one of my
high priced items for replacement
5) Of course Microsoft, trying to keep fact and time worthy discussion ahead
of gut emotion. 
6) At 46, for many years I was part of the "Corporate World" making a lot of
money, but spiritually bankrupt. Through a certain course of events, my
spirit has awakened to certain truths. It would seem man's egoic mind and
greed is going to be the end of us all. But its never too late. Anybody is a
similar state.
7) Last but not least, Vim or emacs. Since LFS 6.1 used Vim, I have become
basically proficient. Why does LFS install Vim.

Any input to help me on my journey is always appreciated. 


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