How do you name your computers?

Benjamin Boksa benjamin at
Fri Oct 7 01:14:38 PDT 2005

At work, we name our machines after beer brands:

frueh, reissdorf, gaffel, kueppers, sion

At home I name my hardware after Star Wars places/characters:

mos-esa (Server/Firewall), a-wing, b-wing, x-wing (Laptops), echo- 
base (WLAN-Access-Point).
My HDs/Memory Sticks are named after various Star Wars robots, the  
stick I use with x-wing (my PowerBook), is of course name R2-D2...

Am 07.10.2005 um 02:47 schrieb Mike Hernandez:

> Just wondering what people name their computers these days. I've been
> working with Greek Goddess names, which seems to be pretty popular. I
> have Mnemosyne - my home desktop/server, Dementia - my zaurus sl-c3000
> pda, and Artemis - my 15" powerbook. I had a little firewall named
> Echo, but she died and I'm looking to replace her soon.
> I know someone that uses Pokemon characters for his names. Pokemon
> sucks though ;) haha
> Well this is -chat so let's chat!
> Mike
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