How do you name your computers?

sash sash at
Thu Oct 6 20:39:06 PDT 2005

My computers names were amethyst, obsidian and emerald. I recently 
became bored with gemstones and emerald is now whisper, obsidian is 
shadow and amethest is echo. Amethyst/echo is my original computer and 
quite old; therefore, she is an echo from my past. I can't part with 
her, even though her modem was rigged by Compaq and can't be replaced 
internally which I unfortunately discovered only after I had removed it. 
She has a nonstandard case and a quantum bigfoot harddrive, and was a 
bundled system, but she's a diehard and there's a special place in my 
heart for her. There is a method to my my madness ;)

Tushar Teredesai wrote:

>On 10/6/05, Mike Hernandez <sequethin at> wrote:
>>Just wondering what people name their computers these days.

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