Routing, Network Security, SNORT, IPTables, etc.

Dominic Hilsbos dhilsboslfs at
Thu Mar 31 16:57:51 PST 2005

I'm in the process of redesigning my network, and I'm
going to be turning my current server into a router
(it's a 400MHZ PII, so it's a little slow for
servering).  I've gotten a couple of books on netqork
security, and am fairly certain that I'd like to use
IPTables, a stateful firewall, as well as proxies for
the common internet protocols (just http to start
with).  So the question is, can all of these be
deployed on the same machine, and would it be
worthwhile to put SNORT on this machine as well?

Is there a good opensource stateful firewall?  Where
can I get it?  For the LFS folks, have any of you run
it on LFS 6.0?  Is there good documention on how to
set it up?

Do any of you know a good location for a configuration
howto for IPTables, Snort, and Apaches modproxy?

Also could someone please point me to a
routing/gateway howto? My wireless network is going to
connect to this machine as well, also it needs to be
able to handle serving to a remote dialup.

Speaking of which, does anyone know how to get ntop to
watch any ppp sessions?  I can get it to watch any
that are active at the time the daemon is launched,
but beyond that it ignores them.

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