Absolutely frustrated...

Piotr Sawuk piotr5 at unet.univie.ac.at
Sat Mar 26 11:12:29 PST 2005

In article <20050318072524.W9635 at shell.siscom.net>,
	John McGinn <ab123 at dnaco.net> writes:
> Well, I guess it's all my fault. The thing I like about Linux is that you
> don't *HAVE* to update your system on a regular basis and still have a
> nice secure system that does exactly what you want. I built LFS in the
> fall of 2001 into early 2002.
> bash-2.05a$ ls -l /etc/lfs-3.1
> -rw-r--r--    1 root     root            0 Mar 22  2002 /etc/lfs-3.1
> I've been playing with GTK lately, and enjoy doing things. (Both small
> utilities at work, as well as personal entertainment things for myself at
> home.) I wanted to try my hand at gtkmm to try and advance my career in
> C++ since I'm just a C programmer at this point. (And that career seems to
> be dying here in my town in Ohio, USA.) So, try to upgrade to gtk+-2.6.4
> since I was only at gtk+-2.0.9. Well, download atk/pango/glib/gtk, and
> away I go. Nope, gotta reload fontconfig. Oh, gotta get the new freetype.
> Oh, well my Xft from X4.3.0 isn't good enough, so pango won't build the
> Xft backend. And with that, GTK blows up and won't build because pango
> doesn't have an Xft backend, therefore I can't build for an XWindows
> build.
> So, Im at a crossroads. Either give up on Gnome and it's 4gazillion
> libraries that are needed to create HelloWorld in GTK and move to QT when
> I need only 4 huge libraries. Or, I have to start from scratch and build a
> brand new LFS 6.0 system in my (nonexistent [job/married/14mo son]) spare
> time. (And hell no, am I going back to M$!)
> Now I wish I had done an /opt/gnome directory, because I could just rm -rf
> the sucker, and start from scratch. I might have all my install logs so I
> might be able to do something like that at least, but if I do that, I lose
> my GnuCash which has my home finances budget in it for at least 6 months
> before I get time to rebuild every minor thing that will be needed for
> GTK.

don't give up on gnome! I had exactly the same problems with ghome2.4
(various incompatible freetype-versions floating around), and one way
or the other they all got solved. just read the instructions on the
website of gnome or follow the suggestions in the BLFS-book concerning
this lib. unfortunately some packages should better be built against
a certain version of freetype&fontconfig but do not complain when they
aren't. then just start over from scratch, following the dependence-tree
backwards for "make uninstall", and use the right version of those libs!
and don't forget to keep any old gnome-1.x libs around, not all programs
have been ported...
Better send the eMails to netscape.net, as to
evade useless burthening of my provider's /dev/null...


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