bash scripting help

Sébastien Maerten maerten.sebastien at
Thu Mar 24 07:08:23 PST 2005

Stefan Krah wrote:
> [GNU find]:
> find . -name '*.[Jj][Pp][Gg]' -print0 | xargs -0 jhead \
>         | awk '/^File name/{printf "NAME: %s\t", $4} \
>                /^File size/{printf "SIZE: %s\t", $4} \
>                /^Date\/Time/{printf "DATE: %s %s\t", $3, $4} \
>                /^Resolution/{printf "RESO: %s x %s\n", $3, $5}'

Wouah ! This seems nice to my untrained eyes. I'll try to understand it
now, and I'll be back with comments. Thank you.

> Untested, I don't know the exact output of jhead. And find will of course
> descend further unless you prevent that with -maxdepth or similar.

I need to man awk and man xargs before I can comment on -maxdepth. I'll
do now.

Thank you once more.

BTW, if anybody has a "better" tool than jhead for that, I'd appreciate
to know about it.

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