LFS for Old Hardware, which to choose?

Tor Olav Stava tostava at tiscali.no
Sat Mar 19 05:05:20 PST 2005

> Just a small update if anyone's interested ;)
> Seems I might have some hardware trouble here, BIOS settings changed, RAM
> changed, RH thrown away, and running LiveCD, but still get segmentation
> faults. (LFS-6.0 now)
> I'll have to get cross-compiling to work before I continue with this, as
> takes about 3-5 hours before the segfault appears, and I've tried 4 or 5
> times now. It's not fun anymore :(

Another update in case someone else is trying to compile on (very) low-end
hardware ;)
Wasn't hardware issue, but user lacking knowledge. Seems I've been running
out of memory.
Used 96MB RAM and 192MB swap, which I thought would be enough, *wrong* After
increasing the swap partition to 1GB, the compiling goes quite well, and I'm
back in LFS-6.0 :D
A few tests failed due to some timeout issue, which I think is caused by the
slow hardware, also mentioned in the LFS book. Going on the 4th day of
compiling now, hopefully be finished tomorrow ;)

Thanks everyone
Tor Olav

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