Absolutely frustrated...

John McGinn ab123 at dnaco.net
Fri Mar 18 04:34:07 PST 2005

Well, I guess it's all my fault. The thing I like about Linux is that you
don't *HAVE* to update your system on a regular basis and still have a
nice secure system that does exactly what you want. I built LFS in the
fall of 2001 into early 2002.

bash-2.05a$ ls -l /etc/lfs-3.1
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root            0 Mar 22  2002 /etc/lfs-3.1

I've been playing with GTK lately, and enjoy doing things. (Both small
utilities at work, as well as personal entertainment things for myself at
home.) I wanted to try my hand at gtkmm to try and advance my career in
C++ since I'm just a C programmer at this point. (And that career seems to
be dying here in my town in Ohio, USA.) So, try to upgrade to gtk+-2.6.4
since I was only at gtk+-2.0.9. Well, download atk/pango/glib/gtk, and
away I go. Nope, gotta reload fontconfig. Oh, gotta get the new freetype.
Oh, well my Xft from X4.3.0 isn't good enough, so pango won't build the
Xft backend. And with that, GTK blows up and won't build because pango
doesn't have an Xft backend, therefore I can't build for an XWindows

So, Im at a crossroads. Either give up on Gnome and it's 4gazillion
libraries that are needed to create HelloWorld in GTK and move to QT when
I need only 4 huge libraries. Or, I have to start from scratch and build a
brand new LFS 6.0 system in my (nonexistent [job/married/14mo son]) spare
time. (And hell no, am I going back to M$!)

Now I wish I had done an /opt/gnome directory, because I could just rm -rf
the sucker, and start from scratch. I might have all my install logs so I
might be able to do something like that at least, but if I do that, I lose
my GnuCash which has my home finances budget in it for at least 6 months
before I get time to rebuild every minor thing that will be needed for

Comments? Suggestions? Good Job Offers in SW Ohio for awesome C
programmers with great analytical skills? :)

Thank you for letting me rant. :)

LFS 3.1 - Mar 2002
Dayton, OH

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