Wireless Service Script

Jim Gifford lfs at jg555.com
Thu Mar 17 13:19:18 PST 2005

Based on recommendations, I have modified the wireless service again. 
Here are the last two changelog entries

n/a - March 17, 2005
        * Followed recommendation and changed ap directory to
                SSID directory
        * Created LFS Specific net.agent
        * Hotplugging of network adapters will work with
                this version of the scripts
        * Modified ifup to handle bootup/hotplug issue
                The issue is that when hotplug script runs and
                the network adapter is in, it will not load the
                firmware if the card is in place. So if the card
                is in place during bootup, it will skip the hotplug
                event because the hostname is still set to (none}.

n/a - March 16, 2005
        * Worked with Conathan to make it work with the
          standard services scripts in LFS Bootscripts

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