LFS for Old Hardware, which to choose?

Tor Olav Stava tostava at tiscali.no
Sat Mar 12 16:12:01 PST 2005

> Hmm, I'd well imagine that it would take much longer to *build* recent
> versions of LFS, but I'm surprised that runtime is significantly
> affected.  LFS is a fairly minimal system, so I'm wondering exactly
> where the slowdown is.  Are we talking bootup time, or runtime of
> specific programs?  I'm lead to believe that gcc has made some headway
> in producing faster running executables in the more recent versions
> you'll find in LFS-{6.0,5.1.1}.
> Care to enlighten us as to specifically where the slowdown is?

Thanks for the prompt answer.

Think I have to apologize for my bad phrasing, coz I haven't actually got
5.1.1 running yet. Did make LFS-3.3 a couple a days ago, but scrapped it
after trying to install XFree86-3.3.6. Realizing I'm lacking alot of
knowledge in this area, I thought I'd better try a newer version of LFS, and
then go on to the X-desktop in BLFS. I'm just worried I'm wasting alot of
time compiling the newer version, and then X, just to realize it's way to
slow to be usable. Of course, I'm doing this for learning purpose mostly, so
I expect to build the system quite a few times before I'm satisfied.

I'd only like to get a general idea if it's worthwhile making the 5.1.1 or
even the 6.0 version on old machines like I'm thinking of. Don't expect much
of a differnce in either runtime or bootup in console mode, but think X is a
completely different story. Should I go for the latest Xorg version, or drop
back on the XF86 I mentioned?

Machine specs expected, would be like Pentium 100 to 200MMX, and RAM in the
area of 32 to 96 MB. These would normally be scrapped, but I'm convinced
they'll still be usable with the right setup. And I must admit I love Linux,
but don't like to install RH9, coz I've already tried, hehe ;)

If I notice any real speed difference after getting my new LFS system up and
running, I'll be sure to post it here. But you're quite right considering
build speed.. ;) I'm expecting Glibc, pass 1 to have 5-6 hours build-time on
the 200MMX.. Though getting a few annoying segmentation faults, I'm not
giving up quite yet :)

- Tor Olav

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