su from shadow

Mark Cason farmerboy1967 at
Fri Mar 11 22:51:20 PST 2005

  Not to start a flame, but does anybody know why LFS uses "su" from
shadow versus the one from coreutils?  I have just about finished a
custom makefile/script based installer for LFS 5.1.1 and 6.0 and I
found that the script is broken when switching from building LFS on my
host system (FC3) to building LFS using LFS.

  I got around the problem by doing this in Makefile:

SU='$(shell su --version | grep -c coreutils)'; \
	if [[ $$SU == "0" ]]; then \
	  su $(LFSUSER) -c "/bin/sh -c 'source ~/.bashrc && cd $(SRC) && make
chapter-5'"; \
	else \
	  su $(LFSUSER) -s/bin/sh -c 'source ~/.bashrc && cd $(SRC) && make
chapter-5'; \
	fi; \

  My only question is why does LFS use "su" from shadow, versus all of
the distros that I have used in the past (Gentoo, SuSE, Fedora, etc)
use the one from coreutils.  Is shadow's version better?

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