Playing radio stations

Ken Moffat ken at
Mon Mar 7 17:21:26 PST 2005

 Ok, so I'm finally dragging myself into the 20th century.  Got the amp
and speakers powered up, loads of audio libraries compiled, but what do
I use to play ogg radio stations ?

 I found one station that obviously wasn't using a playlist and I was
able to just point ogg123 at it.  But most stations have playlists,
which seems to defeat ogg123.  I've build rhythmbox, and it sort of
works - plays up to the end of a track, then stops until I click on it
(I guess it really wants a play-list).  So, any recommendations for
"straightforward" radio players (the type that just keep playing of
their own accord) ?

 Also, any recommendations for dealing with the Real Player streams from
the BBC ?

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