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Mon Mar 7 04:01:41 PST 2005

Tryin' to move this to -chat:

>>>> If anyone needs a gmail account for list mail, just reply off-list..
>>>> The spam filtering is pretty good, and the threading is great too...

>>> Plus, gmail offers free POP access to the accounts, so you don't even
>>> have to use the web interface to read your mail!  Likewise, anyone who
>>> wants a Gmail account can ask me as well.

>> Yes, I have 50 GMAIL invites that I would like to get rid of as well.
>> Email me and I'll send you one.

> I made efforts to  get rid of my gmail invites, but they bounced.
> People read their privacy stuff and ran away....;.. the invite timed
> out & returned to me.

I used to send my invites to  gmail at , see also

But recently everybody seems to have so many invites, so I've given up 
on this. Sending your invites to isnoop instead of people you know is a 
Good Thing IMO, as it prevents Google from mapping my social network.

Background:  I have heard that Google uses Gmail invites to keep track 
of the social network of Gmail users, something which with the right 
data mining tools can be *very* valuable to advertisement folks.

Disclaimer:  The above is only a rumour and might as well be completely 
wrong, both as a fact (indicating some paranoia on my side) and also 
technically (indicating my ignorance about data mining etc. which is, 
indeed, abunding).


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