My Experience/Challenges with LFS.

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> > Not much said in wiki and FAQ inregards to these errors.
> Come to the IRC help.

I also tried the IRC for a few days. There were suggestions but not very helpful.

I might just hangout here once in a while as LFS has lead me to explore other interesting things in regards to Linux.

I was able to do a full Debian install that later crashed recently on Monday when I tried to upgrade it. Due to LFS, I explored and learned how the Debian Packages are made and the problems that can be associated with it.

Given the challenges I faced with Debian itself tells me that I have still some
more basic learning to do. This fact can't be ignored.

Personally, customization takes a lot of time. Compiling from source is not for everyone. Using the software out there is also very important. I read the book From start to bootup suggested at the start of the LFS manual. This was a very helpful suggestion. If ever I get time again, I might try the basic LFS install as a learning experience. This is not in the near future.

For those interested. Here is a Site with useful/interesting info. on Linux that I
post useful info. I come across about:

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