Using the GPU to speed-up a program?

TAustin stineconsulting-switch- at
Tue Mar 1 12:34:26 PST 2005

John Gay wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 March 2005 17:42, TAustin wrote:
>>I think the major hang up is making these ideas cross-platform.  They
>>are good ideas and have their merit.  You might want to do a search in
>>the newsgroups for the previous discussions.
> And there's the rub. But most 3D cards implement OpenGL, which provided 
> optimised matrix calculations, clipping, projecting and rasterizing in a 
> hardware pipeline with a common API. The actual implementations are card 
> specific, but the API is OpenGL, which si cross-platform.

Notice I said 'I think' and that I pointed in the direction to the 
actual discussions.

> Yes, the team does have a lot going on, and can't just add new ideas. I'm just 
> asking for curiosity's sake, more than anything else. I'd love to see this 
> added, but I understand to would take a proper programmer to actually write 
> and test the code, and ensure cross-platform capability.

IMHO, the team does a lot of good work and they work very hard, but at 
times they seem a little... well... hard to work with.  but that 
probably comes with the territory.

It is asking for curiosity's sake that spurs ideas on to new levels.  If 
one stops asking, then development comes to a stop.  Keep asking, one 
day one of your ideas could be the thing that everyone wants and gets. :-)

>>Have a great day and see ya in the POV newsgroups.
> Since I'm on a pay-per-minute dial-up, I don't spend a lot of time with 
> newsgroups. Mailing lists use enough of my Internet time (-;

You may have had a good discussion started.  But I understand, I'm 
spoiled on 1.5Mb DSL.


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