live CD: "VFS: cannot open root device"

MOD masonoliverdickson at
Mon Feb 28 14:40:42 PST 2005

Well, you were right the first time!  Back when I generated the kernel with 
ram disk support, I started by copying the /lib/modules tree to my Live CD 
partition -- but at that point I was interrupted, and when I got back, I 
forgot I still needed to copy bzImage.  So I burned the first CD with the 
wrong kernel.

I burned another CD with the correct kernel and booted it, but it complained 
that it couldn't find and staggered to a kernel panic.  I put 
my initrd into a little test partition and booted it, and discovered it also 
needed  After that, it flaked out because I only had proc and 
devpts in fstab.  I had noticed that this Live CD procedure was intended to 
work with or without sysfs... but I had still thrown sysfs out of fstab 
along with all the junk.

I included a tarball of my working LFS system on the Live CD.  Now I can 
boot the CD, run ntfsresize and fdisk and tar, adjust fstab and 
XFree86Config and menu.lst with aee -- and set up the other computers here 
with a KDE desktop.  And I only screwed up two CD-Rs in the process.

¡Muchas gracias, Señor Hernández!


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