live CD: "VFS: cannot open root device"

MOD masonoliverdickson at
Sun Feb 27 11:50:24 PST 2005

Since I'm using the same kernel for my Live CD, I skipped the chroot section 
of the procedure. It occurred to me that there might be something that 
happens in chroot that is necessary for creating a functioning Live CD. So I 
went back to the beginning and included all the commands in chroot also. It 
seems especially relevant that $LIVECD/dev gets populated in this section; 
these device nodes remain after leaving chroot and will be written to the 

But when I got to mkisofs, it quit with this message:

mkisofs: Permission denied, cannot open

'/mnt/lfsw/sys/bus/pci/drivers/Intel ICH Joystick/new_id'

This is a write-only file, with permissions of 0200. I would say it is 
ironic, since I don't even have a joystick, but there are several such files 
with the same name at this level underneath .../pci/drivers/.

In any case, I think you have created a very good procedure and document. 
Computer hardware comes in jillions of different configurations, and it's 
impossible to create a procedure that handles all possibilities. There's 
some detail of my hardware/software setup that conflicts with the 
procedure... but it gives me a very good starting point, especially since it 
has sysfs handling already built in.


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