Steven B SilverspurG at
Sat Feb 26 16:55:37 PST 2005

Linux elemental running LFS 6.1-testing provides printing services through

Win2kXPPro had issues supporting this.  Port should be configured as an
LPR port.  Standard Win install only provided support as a generic TCP/IP
port with advanced configuration allowing for LPR to be chosen over RAW
type.  Standard install did not work.

Go to control panel->add/remove programs->Add/remove windows components. 
Get Other network file and print services.  You may need your XPSP2 CD
available.  Get that from MS.

Afterwards delete the old printer.  Reinstall it.  Local printer, no
autodetection, custom port... Now there is a choice in the menu for LPR
port.  It works.

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