booting a linux distro on SATA harddisk

Andrei Mircea mircea.andrei at
Sun Feb 27 02:32:31 PST 2005

I got a new computer with a SATA drive and try to install linux on it.
To begin, I tried with a liveCD distro which can be stored on a harddisk. It worked and I have it now installed.
Even if I have only one drive, it was seen by linux as /dev/hdc and my linux is on /dev/hdc11.
However I cannot boot it.  I know how to install lilo on the root drive MBR and this is the way I normally boot all my linux distros at present. However when I try to run lilo on this SATA disk, it fails with the message:
	FATAL: Sorry, don't know how to handle device 0xf100
The kernel is version 2.6.5 and lilo is version 22.5.
Some time ago there was a message from a guy who was happy because he could install linux using one of the newest kernels (2.6.10). Is this the way to go ? 
I would not like to use a removable device (CD or USB) for booting... 
Thanks for any idea.

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