live CD: "VFS: cannot open root device"

MOD masonoliverdickson at
Sat Feb 26 19:53:04 PST 2005

Thanks for your response.  Not to worry, I don't have to get this finished 

Yes, I have ramdisk and initial ramdisk linked in.  I built it as my 
standard kernel, before starting this project, so it's in both my working 
LFS system and my Live CD system.  As a result, I skipped the part of the 
procedure concerned with tailoring a kernel for the Live CD.

> I can suggest only that you make sure that your
> /etc/fstab is pointing to the correct partition
Well, that could certainly be the problem!  My understanding was that the 
Live CD was supposed to function without needing any hard disk partitions. 
In the "Beginners Guide", it says:

At this point it's a good idea to change /etc/fstab of the live CD system. 
Delete all of the entries that you don't need. (e.g. all /dev/hd* entries) 
You only need proc and devpts.

Don't worry about mounting root filesystem "/". This will be mounted by the 
linuxrc script from the initial ram disk.

And /etc for initrd was built with this command:
> cp -a $LIVECD/etc/{udev,dev.d,hotplug.d} etc/
so initrd doesn't have fstab at all.

Just out of curiosity, I restored the original fstab and booted the 
partition that I used to build the Live CD, and it came up OK (although it 
used the ramdisks during initialization, and the root partition is mounted 
at /fake/needwrite/dev).

So it seems that I did a poor job of writing up the problem in my original 
post.  The problem I have isn't with booting the disk partition I used to 
build the Live CD -- it's with booting the Live CD itself.


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