My Experience/Challenges with LFS.

Durk van Veen nospamplease at
Fri Feb 25 20:22:49 PST 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> Durk van Veen wrote these words on 02/25/05 22:01 CST:
>> Anyone have a good tutorial for getting a serial mouse to work with
>> devfs? I've been trying for a while but I still can't get my mouse to be
>> recognized...
> I'm confused as to what you mean by "be recognized". I use a serial
> mouse connection because I have an old KVM switch and serial cables.
> I could go buy PS2 type cables and attach the mouse that way (the
> mouse I use is actually PS2, but the KVM does the internal
> conversion), but I've never had an issue.
> I tell XFree/Xorg to use /dev/ttyS0 and it works. What else is
> there to be recognized?

Well yeah, my problem is that /dev/ttyS0 does *not* work :-). I should
clarify that this serial mouse is attached directly to the machine (no
KVM). It's just that old, and this box has no PS2 port for the mouse (it
does for keyboard). Anyway, I used to run an LFS5.0 based install on this
box, which doesn't use devfs or udev or any of these other scary file
systems for the device directory. Never any problems with that old
installation. I still run LFS5.0 on an identical machine to the one I'm
trying to get to work now and if I "cat /dev/ttyS0" and then move the mouse
it gives me the expected garbage. Also, X "just works" on that machine.

I have three of these boxes and I recently decided to replace LFS with
Gentoo on one of them just for giggles. It's been a rock-solid system for
me so far, but it uses 2.4.28 and a devfs filesystem for /dev. I have not
for the life of me been able to figure out how to get the mouse working
again. I'm actually typing this right now on the system in question, but
I'm remoted in using X over SSH. The console is still CLI based even though
I want to boot into X, because whenever I start X there I end up

Just wondering if anyone knows the magic kernel options, set-serial or gdm
or ??? commands to get this kind of setup working. I've asked in Gentoo
forums with no luck so far, so I figured I'd try my luck here...


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