Got some segfaulty problems

Gareth Westwood gareth at
Thu Feb 24 10:34:39 PST 2005

Gareth Westwood wrote:


>> Other reasons for mysterious seg faults are hardware problems such as 
>> a bad CPU or RAM. If you have any spares, try swapping it out.


Replacement memory and Proc didn't do anything, was worth a shot though.

>> If it's a software issue related to Glibc, you could boot from a LFS 
>> LiveCD and build yourself a new Glibc and install that into your LFS 
>> system, overwriting the current Glibc. That might fix the problems 
>> right away.

I managed to find an old backup I made and selectively copied stuff back 
from that, seems to be fixed.

> thanks for the advice Gerard

again, thanks.

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