Got some segfaulty problems

Gareth Westwood gareth at
Mon Feb 21 11:07:32 PST 2005

Hi All,

I wasn't really sure where this should get posted to as it looks like 
lfs progs that are going wrong but it's on a well blfs system....

I came back from a weekend away to find that my "server" had vanished 
from my network (bad news having no tunes). When I logged on there was a 
load of crap printed to the screen that I thought was to do with errors 
in the .bash_profile, I ignored them thinking that was the last of my 
problems. When I tried to restart all hell broke loose and I had to pull 
the plug to get the box to go down (again, bad news)

Upon re-starting the box seemed normal enough until once the kernel has 
finished doing it's thing, then no services seem to start. Again I 
logged on and got some errors.

Anyhow, cutting to the chase a little, it would appear that a load of 
commands are now segfaulting when they are run. The first one I noticed 
was 'ls' but since then I have found rm, mv, ps, dir, top, mysqld are 
all unwell.

My first thought was that one of my drives is failing over so booted 
from CD to check  all the filesystems over (e2fsck -f /dev/...) they all 
went through with no problems except that the journal was out due to the 
hard shutdown.

Next I went looking for libs that may have gotten problems with them, 
ldd told me that rm, ls and mv are all linked to but then I found that 
mv is to and that is working so I assume that isn't the problem.

I haven't got any other ideas as to what could have gone wrong and 
moreover what could have caused it to happen in the first place so I 

"where do I know that there are loads of really nice helpfull people who 
know a lot more about this than me"

hence the post, anyone got any ideas?
I realise this is a little sketchy but I really appreciate any help, 
pointers or ideas anyone can offer.


Gareth Westwood

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