My Experience/Challenges with LFS.

r spamtrap2 at
Fri Feb 18 13:56:25 PST 2005

I have Had Several Challanges trying to start LFS. They are as follows:

 1. Host Distro Problem
 2. Old Host Kernel Problem
 3. Need for Live CD
 4. Hard Drive Space Problem
 5. After I got the Live CD, Problem with Serial mouse
 6. Memory Problem to use Firefox browser in live CD
 7. Connecting going online with the LiveCD (Still not solved)
 8. File not found/permission problems
These are all very basic and not really LFS but they do takeup a lot of time. Moreover, look at the wiki, FAQ and also the LFS newsgroups/Chat Groups. People are discussing problems all the time. 

 7. Here was my final challenge:
 Chapter 5.5. GCC-3.4.1 - Pass 1
make BOOT_LDFLAGS="-static" bootstrap I got the following errors:
 make 2 timevar.o error 1
 Make 1 error 2
 make (bootstrap) error 2
After make install I got the following errors
 timevar.0 error 1
 Install-gcc error 2
Not much said in wiki and FAQ inregards to these errors.
Also compile times are really long in my 333Mhz PC with over 125 MB ram. Took for Binutils, the first one with 1SBU about 45 minutes !!! Due to all these challenges I have decided to put my LFS project on hold for the long term future.
LFS is a good project. However, there are several challenges, it is a time consumming long project and not a smooth road, one that needs to be taken with great caution/reflection.

Warm Regards and thanks for all the assistance in these groups.

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