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I try it again, first Message lost.

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I started to build up my LFS-System weeks ago. My Pentium MMX with 233 MHz is not the fasted and i have to wait until all the compiles and builds end. The idea of LFS sounds god to me, but to start with an distribution coast me a lot of headage. Normaly i want to start over with the newest LFS-release, but i got only an old Suse 7.1 distribution. The requirements for the newest LFS-release was not fullfilled by my Suse. With this information i started to search for a very small distribution on disk to start. But all of them i found  does not fullfill the requirements to. In this case i started an the LFS-release 5.1.1 and upgrated most of the Software to the newest release i found. Now i install all required software to get the graphical environment KDE.

And now while waiting to the end of the Xorg-make, i spend some time to say hello.

In my mind it must a little be easyer to start with LFS. But I have not found a realy easy starting point. It should be a very small disk-distribution who fullfilles the LFS-requirement and make it easy to start over to build LFS. I hope Iam not the only person in this univers who things so and  I hope to that someone found already such a distribution and get in touch with me.

Thank`s for audience and have a lot of fun with your LFS.

Some greetings from Peter
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