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Thu Feb 17 01:33:09 PST 2005

Hello Richard,

im now one step ahead  Xorg and my KDE-Desktop is working. The next step is
to install the language support (german) i need. Its fine to work with LFS,
because i tried to install tho most resently releases its works mostly fine
even with the description of the older pakages. The only trap i fallen was
the linux-libc-headers and the config.h file. I fixed it while i installed
my Kernel Headers and it works fine now.

But im locking for an very small distribution (disk based) to start with
LFS. It should be ready to start with the requriment of LFS Release 6.

Have a lot of fun with LFS.


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> just recently installed LFS.  Also got Xorg running, with Fluxbox.
> Its been entertaining reading the irc chatter while I was waiting for
> the compiles.
> Thanks for the assistance with the few problems I ran into.
> Richard
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