LFS is SCARY! =)

Mason Oliver Dickson masonoliverdickson at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 16 10:34:05 PST 2005

Well, for me it was Red Hat 9 that was scary.  I bought it a year ago, three 
99-cent CDs, my first Linux system, and it seemed like a huge heap of 
disorganized and redundant software.  Everything crashed intermittently --  
basic things like help and  the file finder, and various other apps.  And of 
course, it wouldn't play music CD's at all, since it didn't have ALSA and my 
computer doesn't have a cable connecting the CD player to the sound chipset.

LFS was a very pleasant surprise.  It's a very well-designed plan that's 
easy to follow, has everything you want in it, and works when you finish 
installing it.  Best of all, the developers actually know how to write 
documentation that is both concise and informative.

So, with all those scary distributions out there, I don't understand why 
everybody isn't using LFS.

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