LFS is SCARY! =)

Mike Hernandez sequethin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 16:42:06 PST 2005

Hey all, I was reading the letters in the March 2005 issue of Maximum
PC and one of the editors (Will Smith, but no, not the fresh prince)
mentioned LFS in his reply. For the benefit of those who do not read
Maximum PC (perhaps due to it's extreme windows bias?) Below is the
letter and response:

I was so happy to see a penguin in Maximum PC! I went through exactly
what Will Smith did in last month's "The Linux Diaries" back in 1997.
Since then, I've gone through all the stages of the Linux (ab)user,
ranging from the irrational hatred of all things Microsoft, to
treating Linux as a religious experience. But why didn't he mention
Fedora Core? It offers better package management, a GUI installer
(that even configures X correctly), oodles of addons, a full DVD
installer from BitTorrent, and more. Why did he think Debian was
better? -- Ryan Chiechi

Executive Editor Will Smith Responds:
Like you, I originally tried Linux in the late 90s. Back then I was
really frustrated with the limitations and lack of information
available on desktop Linux, so I went back to Windows. The key this
time around was really giving myself enough time to futz around with
the low-level OS, knowing when to walk away for a minute so I wouldn't
get hyper-frustrated, and knowing how to find help online when I
couldn't solve a problem on my own.

I chose Debian because it struck me as a nice intermediate between the
"newb-friendly" distros (such as Mandrake and Fedora Core), and the
really scary stuff that required compilation (e.g, Gentoo and Linux
from Scratch). After using debian, and later Gentoo at home, I really
can repair a broken X install from the command line. If I hadn't
learned what the different lines in my XF86Config-4 file do, I
wouldn't have been able to fix it when the autoconfig didn't work
right. Next stop: OS X

So maybe I should change the subject of this "LFS is really scary!" ;)
I find it amazing that an executive editor of a PC magazine finds LFS
"really scary" because it involves compilation. And why's he still
using XFree86? In any event..... I figured it was my duty to let you
guys know that our beloved LFS was mentioned in print (even though it
was denoted as.... scary... hahaha)


PS... oh yeah.. what the hell is an add-on? I guess that's some
strange way of saying "since it's linux you can use anything that will
build and run on it?" *shrug* I wonder if LFS has any add-ons? Oh
yeah.... BLFS! ;)

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