ALSA and mic input

Andrew Calkin calkin at
Mon Feb 14 15:35:49 PST 2005


On Mon, Feb 14, 2005 at 08:16:55PM +0100, Christian H. Kuhn wrote:
> LFS, ALSA-1.0.4, VIA82c686. I want to use a microphone for sound
> input.
> In alsamixer, there is a mic channel. I use it for capture. It is not
> muted, it is selected for input, and it has 100%.

I know that on my system I need to have both line _and_ capture set as
"capture" devices, and both unmuted (I use line-in instead of mic) and
set to appropriate volume levels. To turn on/off capturing, I
mute/unmute the capture device as needed.

It took many hours of experimenting and googling before I found this!
I hope this helps you.


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