cdrecord (was Re: Community Interaction with the Development Teams)

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Thu Feb 10 11:10:35 PST 2005

In, Andy Neebel wrote:

> This would work, except cdrecord really wants to be SUID root so that
> it can set the nice level when it runs to help it keep from making a
> bad disc.

cdrecord also complains about running on linux, running on linux-2.6 in 
particular and especially if you dare call it with 'dev=/dev/hdc', plus 
any number of other reasons that Schily has decided to flame (rather 
than discuss rationally with) lkml for.  Whilst I don't like his 
attitude toward linux support (which is only further compounded by his 
Solaris adoration), cdrecord remains the only(?) CD burning program for 
linux.  There's a cd recording library, libsgc 
( which I've been meaning to investigate, 
but as usual time isn't on my side :(


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