Make Your Own LFS Live CD Project ?

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Feb 9 21:32:18 PST 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Gerard Beekmans wrote:
>> No, not really to be honest. It had become a practice of sorts that 
>> was regrettable (and if it it still happens it won't for much longer. 
>> See "dealt with in private" comment above. I try to keep such things 
>> off the list whenever is feasible).
> So, are we now going to say that directing people to the appropriate 
> list for their question is wrong?  I know I've regularly posted links to 
> the FAQ's entry on which list to use.  If we're not going to direct 
> people to the appropriate list for their inquiry, then, IMHO, might as 
> well join all the lists back into one big list again.
> -J-

Ooooh.  I missed this thread before now.  It's been quite a while since 
I had received the "which list" answer...well with the exception of one 
incident where I typed lfs-dev instead of lfs-hackers, but it was a joke 
with a smiley IIRC.  Strictly IMO, a link to the correct location is 
just not enough.  Take the time to explain why your are pointing 
elsewhere.  One little explanation...even a generic 'canned' response 
would be a much much better reply than simply a link with the entire 
context of the original message snipped.

-- DJ Lucas

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