Borland Kylix on (B)LFS 6.0

Rincewind rincewindwizard at
Wed Feb 9 09:01:31 PST 2005

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Rincewind wrote:
>> Anyway, I assume from your question (and from the fact that my 
>> attempts to do so failed) that it's impossible to compile gcc-2.95 on 
>> LFS-6.0..........
> gcc-2.95 builds and works fine on LFS 6.0. What you are having a problem 
> with is not the compiler, but binaries built by the compiler.

Yes, your previous post was very clear: the fact that gcc-2.95 won't 
compile is an unrelated problem. It appears in this thread simply 
because Randy mentioned it and I wanted a confirmation that I am not the 
only one that has the same problem.

> The major distros solve this problem by providing _both_ versions of 
> glibc. LFS does not do that.

If I wanted to try this, would it be terribly complicated or simply 


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