Fwd: Re: thoughts on kernel security issues

Carlos Martin carlosmn at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 02:05:54 PST 2005

> That said, as far as LFS goes, it's assumed that the user knows what
> there doing so... hmmm.

Well, the user should know what he's getting into, but still, it may
be useful to keep using 2.4 as an alternative. For a server I wouldn't
use the 2.6 kernel but maybe someone who is not that up-to-date and
assumes that the latest is the best may install the 2.6 somewhere
where it may not be the best idea.
I think a warning and instructions for 2.4 as well may be a good idea,
since 2.6 is better for gaming and stuff that needs a low latency (the
latest 2.6 have a relatively good latency "out of the box").

What do you say?

Carlos Martín

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