Opinions: Floppy Linux

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Thu Feb 3 12:28:29 PST 2005

I'd like to add that the really beautiful, wonderful part of LFS is
that it's a fundamental education.

The LFS "distro", followed as a set of cookbook instructions,
produces one particular load of software, but the process of
following these instructions is an education; when you get to the
end of it, the mystery has been taken out of "take this here set of
sources and make a running Linux system".

So if you've paid attention and made sure you understood what was
happening through an LFS, you could build violently pruned kernel,
embedded-size userspace, and make a floppy linux, no problem.
Getting the most powerful system it's possible to pack onto a floppy
might take you into initrds, cramfses, and suchlike, but these are
tuning and twiddling.

LFS rocks.

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