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Thu Feb 3 12:30:12 PST 2005

On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 04:51:16 +0000
Bennett Todd <bet at rahul.net> wrote:

> 2005-02-03T02:16:56 Mike Hernandez:
> > I mean the linux kernel and gnu utils [like bash and the
> > coreutils, etc] are what you might consider "linux", and those are
> > part of every distro.
> Well, certainly most major, mainstream, popular end-user distros,
> ones oriented to running off modern, gigantic hard drives, or live
> CDs.
> But Linux as found in e.g. appliances like the various Linux-based
> Linksys routers, in sram-based handhelds, and --- wait for it --- in
> distros designed to run from floppies --- don't generally indulge in
> memory-extravagent luxuries like glibc and the GNU utils. The Linux
> kernel is there, yes, but this turf is the home ground of smaller,
> more resource-efficient libcs like uClibs and Diet Libc; and of
> compact userspace utility sets like BusyBox and embutils.
> My distro is Bent Linux. It includes packages for most of the core
> GNU tools, but it's based on uClibc, and includes Busybox. It's
> not quite cranked down tight enough to be well-tuned for making a
> bootable floppy (although I think it should be possible if you could
> crank the kernel down way smaller, or if you formatted the floppy to
> more than 1.4MB), but it's suitable for making custom initrds.
> -Bennett

Very interesting/informative post. Thanks for sharing.


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