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arnette pierce sabinus at
Thu Feb 3 00:16:34 PST 2005

Become the man in her dreams

I've never seen so many different pheromone products on one site! Your
pheromone perfume is the most thoughtful product I have seen yet - and one
of the only ones I've seen made with women in mind. It's great to know that
I can use this product and no one else knows! Thanks a million - it works
great!   Christine, Lancaster, PA

The Los Angeles Times: Scientific studies have actually shown that subjects
who used synthesized pheromones had sex more often.
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He had a switchboard, to be sure, where he could make and break connections
as he chose; but the wires had somehow become mixed, and he could not tell
what combinations to use to throw the power on to his miniature electric
lights. So he experimented in a rather haphazard fashion, connecting this
and that wire blindly and by guesswork, in the hope that he would strike the
right combination
Then he thought the combination might be right and there was a lack of
power; so he added other lines of wire to his connections, and still others,
until he had employed almost every wire in the room

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