Make Your Own LFS Live CD Project ?

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Tue Feb 1 12:55:08 PST 2005

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> No, not really to be honest. It had become a practice of sorts that was 
> regrettable (and if it it still happens it won't for much longer. See "dealt 
> with in private" comment above. I try to keep such things off the list 
> whenever is feasible).

So, are we now going to say that directing people to the appropriate 
list for their question is wrong?  I know I've regularly posted links to 
the FAQ's entry on which list to use.  If we're not going to direct 
people to the appropriate list for their inquiry, then, IMHO, might as 
well join all the lists back into one big list again.


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